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Read More g is very obvious. I am generally scared away by obvious artificial flavourings and can always identify these chemicals immediately.

Golden Blend

On top of this, I find it often difficult to identify their intended aromas. Here it might be some citrus or fruit, and occasionally I think I get some sparkles of honey or tonka bean, among several other flavours that I am not able to name. Besides the mentioned flavouring, Burley is the leading tobacco in this mixture, donating a pleasant tobacco flavour. I guess Virginia plays a technical role only. Not me, though. I prefer more natural tobaccos with less or no flavourings and toppings. Unfortunately this mixture did ghost my pipes used.

Zachary B. The taste of this blend was overall fine, with the typical burley nuttiness topped with some lightly sweet vanilla flavor. It was pleasant, but something in this blend did NOT like me. It bit my tongue like nothing else, and the bite started almost Read More immediately. Didn't matter how slowly it was smoked, it bit me quickly and hard. Your experience may be very different since bite varies so much between every person, but mine was not good. Read More ust and soil on it Ali e. Taste is bitter and leaves acidity in the throat He is stronger than the moderate Do not fit smoking every day.

Thomas S. One thing with Mac Baren blends, you have to smoke them slow. If you can control your cadence you will be rewarded with a tasty , satisfying treat. Golden Extra is just that.

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Light sweet flavor of natural cocoa and honey not goopy syrup! An old tim Read More e burley blend going back tp and its probably Mac Barens second biggest seller next to Mixture. Smooth burley with a little oomph but mild and mellow. Try it!

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Gardner W. I purchased an aged tin Eric G. This is my everyday blend. It is simple but comforting and pleasant. I use it for breaking in pipes and when i want a nice basic pipe tobacco. The room note is pleasant and the blend doesn't bite. This is a nice solid blend of Virginias and Burley. Didn't blow my mind but i am certainly not complaining either. This can burn hot and give a tiny bit of bite if rushed but either way you will be rewarded with a smoke that is sweet on the tongue an Read More d on the nose.

Golden Blend - Mac Baren Tobacco Company

Smoked this over 40 years ago. Burns,taste, and has a pleasant aroma. Only wish they didn't have to remove the cumarin from the blend. Guess it made it too addictive. Back then, I couldn't put the pipe down,but non the less, it's my favorite burley. Randy C. I love the smell of burley in the morning!

Smooth and unpretentious, not for the tobacco snob, but great for us lowly common folk. Barry P. This was a nice surprise! I was concerned it might be a little too heavy with the Vitamin N, but it was satisfying without being overpoweringly strong. Just enough nicotine to please. It started mellow, with a nutty, spicy note, changing to more pron Read More ounced burley flavor down into the bowl. A little more smoother spice as it finished. The moisture was a little high right out of the new tin; drying it for a half hour would probably fix this.

This is going to be one of my go-to blends for a relaxing hour on the porch in the evenings. Overall, a great find. Can't wait to try more Mac Baren offerings. I'm a burley - holic. I like full on burley and OTC burley.. Three Nuns. Torben Dansk. Pipe Accessories. Cigar Accessories.

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Distilled beverage. Fan Shop. Review s: No sale under Description Reviews Manufacturer: Mac Baren Name: Pouch Tobacco type: Light up: There are currently no product reviews. Be first to rate this product. Would you like to add your review? Write Review. Click to add to favourites! Please Select 5thAvenue Produ.. Clan Pipe Tobac.. Emil Chonowitsc.. Fred E-Cigarett.. Heinrich Kallen.. Ivan Melich J.

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Mac Baren Golden Blend Ready Rubbed Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch

Ashton Aged Maduro No. Product Number: Tobacco type: Tobacco species: Tongue agreeableness: Burning behavior: Aroma constancy: Cut quality: Torben Dansk Louisiana Perique U. Mac Baren Virginia No. Torben Dansk No. Privacy Notice Cookie policy. Customer information. Visitor Sell your pipes. What's New? Bruno Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Pouch. Alfred Dunhill Flake Pipe tobacco 50g Tin.

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mac baren golden blend tobacco Mac baren golden blend tobacco
mac baren golden blend tobacco Mac baren golden blend tobacco
mac baren golden blend tobacco Mac baren golden blend tobacco
mac baren golden blend tobacco Mac baren golden blend tobacco
mac baren golden blend tobacco Mac baren golden blend tobacco

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