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This is very compact and weighs only grams. It is easy to plug and play; the drive can do without softwares and it is easy to charge when plugged into the USB port. USB 3. If you are fail to receive one external DVD player as soon as possible, and you are eager to watch the specific DVD movies, turn to your friends for help, with the flash drive bring, to save the video files from your friends. No brand limitation and just leave enough room for storing DVD videos. It is just the method aims for emergency cases.

DVD Player 1. Part 1: What do you think of this post? User manual suggests you may need to purchase a 2-way USB 'Y' splitter if the port you'll be plugging into doesn't supply enough power. By Tm. Instructions below I bought this to replace the CD drive i am missing from my laptop. If you have received this and wondering how to use this without having to flick through the amount of leaflets, here you go.

Open the box and take out the CD. Follow onscreen instructions , once installation has finished, remove CD. By callum chandler. By Lite-On. Back around you would see a PC without one, no with the USB storage and software downloads, CD drives are slowly going the way of the floppy drive.

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I thought I'd buy a cheap throwaway external USB drive, not expecting much but something that'll do the job for a month or two and then end up in the cupboard. I was pleasantly surprised to find how useful this will device is. It's about the size of a disc, about half an inch in depth. By Mr. George Johnson. Nice little unit, bit light, but solid enough. A very light, but fairly solid unit - not as flimsy as I had imagined.

Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with this little DVD-writer. I'm on my fourth or fifth writers now, and although all still are mechanically sound, the lasers are all but clapped out on the others. By omelette. Great little piece of kit and at a great price What more can I say. It would cost me more than this to get someone merely to look at it so when I plugged it in, inserted a DVD and it played straight off the bat I was chuffed. The tray is quite a flimsy unit so you do have to be careful with it and sometimes you have to disconnect the lead from the back in order to get the eject button to function but I suspect that is a problem with the software I was using rather than the unit.

Great little piece of kit and at a great price too. Will also work on my Macbook Air so a winner all round. By Win.

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By Oudekay. Upon opening the box I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and build quality. The drive once connected is very quiet and works with ease. It comes with standard USB 3. Pure-copper-knitted-net tech leads to smaller resistance, stronger shielding capability, more stable data transmission.

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It is backwards compatible with USB 2. The Oudekay USB 3. You can burn your disc or interrupt recording at your ease. It is plug and play, powered by the USB port, no external power and driver required. USB 3. By clare wallbank. Yes, most software you get these days are downloadable, and then you have "the cloud" to back up your files but it is nice to be able to do things what they now class as the "old fashioned way". It's nice knowing I have another copy of my files and not simply rely on "the cloud".

Best External CD/DVD Drives in the UK

This drive is excellent for the money, does what it says and simply plugged 'n' played. No need to spend a fortune on a drive. By Dye-Lyn. Works like a charm Like most people nowadays I don't have a CD drive in my PC as it is rarely used with the introduction of digital media. However recently I wanted a good copy of a series I couldn't find anywhere online to purchase so I bought the box set and decided to rip it myself with the rest of my media. It just plugs directly in to the USB port and Windows picks it up automatically.

No setup required! External cd drive case These cases fit my external drives a treat. Nice and snug with adequate padding. Also has a zipped pocket for cable. By Richard Ikin. By Mildrede. Very good quality Very good quality, for very little money. By T Griffin. By Cocopa. But when I did want to use it a few days ago it just wouldn't recognise any discs. I'd got an old external one that I used to use on a laptop so I dusted that off and gave it a try.

My PC recognised that it needed to download a driver for it but I kept getting an error message saying that the driver wouldn't install. And that is exactly what happened! Within seconds of taking it out of the box it was working. So I'm more than happy. By Grahame. It is really a smart piece of equipment. Worked perfectly , so easy to use just plugged in the usb and problem solved. By Jay. But I can report that following a number of hours of constant burning discs the drive has worked flawlessly.

Simply plug into the USB 3 port and allow windows to recognise the device and away you go. Worth a lot more that the very small price tag compared to more expensive drives out there. Very reasonably priced and did the job fuss free. Slick and small too. By Soulman. By Joyce. Great product, great price Product arrived very quickly and literally I was able to plug it in and start using. Very simple to use. Can't believe I got a great product at such a great price.

By Christine McClenahan. Impressed with this Portable External Disk Drive! Simple, Fast, Easy. Plug the little thingy into your laptop, then a tiny box pops up asking which program you want to use to run this device with purrsonally choose Windows Media Player. CD's play automatically with zero issues and zero lag.

No matter anyone else says CD's are still the best, and since most new laptops do not have disk drives, this Portable External Disk Drive is a must!

What Is an External CD/DVD Drive?

Own a few Computer Games which are on disks so, it will be nice to be able to play them again. No issues, fast delivery, purrfect condition. Connecting to my Mac is easy to use USB The quality looks very strong. Like slot to open DVD.

Is Apple SuperDrive worth it?

The movie is also fast. I have no problem burning. Give me a new, higher quality free model. Great customer service. By Gurmukh Manchanda. External CD drive. Exactly as described.

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Works very well. Needed as my new laptop does not have an internal drive. I am looking for this product when I am worried about this problem. It is small and can be used in a schoolbag. The place will not be very heavy, and the key moments will play a big role! By XiongYF. By linda. I can enjoy my daily life with this external drive. Easy to use. No external driver and power needed. LG has clearly made portability a key selling point for this DVD drive.

Coming in at under one pound in weight, its slim profile means that it is hardly noticeable when tucked away with your laptop in a bag. Thanks to its USB powered interface, no external power supply is necessary. Overall, this product is runner-up to our first pick for best value only due to the fact that it cannot read Blu-ray discs. For many however, that simply is not necessary. For such an inexpensive and USB powered DVD drive, this product is capable of reaching some impressive reading and writing speeds. Reviewers claim that this drive is surprisingly fast considering its inexpensive price.

The inclusion of a DVD drive is not always guaranteed with the ultra-slim profile that most laptops aim to achieve nowadays. Luckily, there are many external options that allow you to read and write DVDs wherever you may go.

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Items in this category will have a focus on compact design and portability while maintaining reliability during travel. However, they do this without compromising too much on performance. Capable of 8x writing speeds on DVD formats, this drive is great for burning discs on-the-go. Included software can be used to even further simplify this process, and even adds a whole new layer of security. Cyberlink Power2go bundled software. It simplifies the disc-burning process while also providing disc encryption for any sensitive information that you are working with.

Whether you plan on using the bundled software or not, it is nice to see that ASUS has included it with the drive. Ultra-slim design. This DVD drive is extremely lightweight and portable thanks to its slim design. Its 13mm thick housing is perfect when combined with a thin and light laptop. Overall, many users find the hairline design and ultra-slim profile to be very aesthetically pleasing, regarding that it fits with the style of many laptops. Blu-ray reading and writing is a feature that is not too common among portable external drives.

With USB 3. If you need a Blu-ray drive to enjoy your high-definition movies or burn some of your own on-the-go, this drive is perfect for you. This product only falls short to our top pick for laptops due to its higher price point. Durable and sleek aluminum casing. This drive features a tough aluminum enclosure that enhances portability. Many reviewers say that its slim design and durable exterior allow them to carry it along with their laptops without worrying about damaging the device. Mac users also note that the overall style of this DVD drive is very similar to most Apple products.

Reliable Blu-ray reading and writing at a reasonable cost. With 6x reading and writing speeds on Blu-ray discs, this drive performs very well. Reviewers claim that it burns discs rather quickly, and the video playback is not only very smooth, but quiet as well. An external DVD drive is an affordable solution to this problem. Drives that are specially designed for desktops focus on power and speed, rather than sacrificing performance for a more compact package. These products are perfect for anyone who requires top-notch disc reading and writing capabilities but have no need for portability.

Its attractive and sturdy design lets this drive sit alongside your desktop setup without becoming an eyesore. With impressive 12x Blu-ray writing speeds this drive can quickly burn large amounts of data, making it an extremely efficient piece of equipment.

What Features to Compare

Coupled with its USB 3. Fast 12x Blu-ray writing speed. One of the main benefits that comes with a desktop external drive is a greatly increased writing speed. This speed allows this drive to backup 25GB of data in only 11 minutes. Many who bought this product note that it burns DVD and Blu-ray discs extremely fast and is nearly silent during the entire process.

Sleek and sturdy design. Sharp angles and a glossy black exterior make this Blu-ray drive one that is a pleasure to the eye. That is a good thing since the unit itself is rather large, and will take up a decent amount of desk space. Many reviewers are quite fond of how sturdy and solid this drive is compared to others.

Its large size makes it less portable than others, but the fact that it is USB powered allows for portability if needed. This drive performs very quietly and even has features that allow for manual eject so that you will never lose your discs. With DVD-R writing speeds of 24x, it lets you burn more discs in less time. Many consumers claim that this drive is extremely efficient and is perfect for burning a large quantity of DVDs. Compatible with many disc formats. This makes it a great tool for archiving important documents and information, since M-DISC has been proven to outlast all other formats.

No additional power source.

best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac
best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac
best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac
best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac
best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac
best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac
best external dvd writer for mac Best external dvd writer for mac

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