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Next, make a clone of your computer. Once your clone is done, I personally like to do both an archive and an export of user accounts from Workgroup Manager as a final safety net. You should also have a book. Preferably one of mine , although given that the merging of two such boring topics can create a black hole of boringness which is similar to turning a bag of holding inside out, btw , you might choose to bring something a bit livelier than either of the two, like some Dostoyevsky or the Chem textbook I used in college.

The button will then say Downloading, as follows: The installation will take a little while. From the time you start the download to the time that the files are unpacked and replaced on the system can be about an hour or two. This is a good time to grab that book, a bag of Doritos and a Dr. Once the Doritos are gone, wash your hands and check the progress of the installation. Read some more. Pepper is fine though, I hear it helps you write articles about upgrading to Mountain Lion Server in a way that makes optimal sense.

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Once the system reboots again, you should be ready to open Server app. Once installed, Server appears in the Dock. Use the following command to verify that the IP address and hostname match: Agree to the Mountain Lion Server Licensing Agreement Agree to the licensing terms assuming you do agree by clicking on the Agree button. Provide Administrative Credentials When Installing Mountain Lion Server Provide the administrative username and password to give Server and services permission upon installation and then click on the Allow button.

After a time, you should see a Congratulations screen. Click on Finish and the Server app should automatically open or the process fails but Server opens anyway, just without some of the stuff working out of the gate.

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At this point, you should see the services that were running prior to the upgrade running. If you were running a firewall then the rules will be migrated and continue running. Profile Manager, for example, worked like a charm on upgrade, as did Calendar and Contacts services, which had been a bit persnickety at times previously.

Now, you can get back to that book and instead of a 3rd Dr. According to Wikipedia, fsevents is an API from Apple that allows applications to register for notifications of changes to a given directory tree. This time of the year, a lot of imaging and packaging is going on at schools and companies around the world.

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A lot of people are also moving various settings out of images and into either post-flight packages, automations or managed preferences of some sort. Therefore, you can quickly and easily figure out what changes to make e. One tool that can help you discover what files were changed on a system is fseventer. This small donateware app is easy to use and quickly informative. To use it, just open and click on the play button at the empty screen.

Now make the changes that you need to make and click on the pause button. You will encounter tons of apps that write generated keys here and there rather than easy to find settings such as what you see above. In those cases there are almost always command line interfaces specifically developed for changing a setting.

For example, networksetup should be used to change settings that would otherwise be configured in the Network System Preference pane. Lion brings with it a few challenges for administrators. One such is migrating the wiki service into the new format. When doing an upgrade in place, the Wiki service is pretty straight forward to upgrade, but in many cases, due to aging hardware, wiki services are moving from an older computer to a newer computer. This can be done in one of two ways. Before getting started, make sure that the directory services side of things is good.

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  • Use the dscl or id commands to confirm that lookups are functioning as intended. To migrate wikis from one server to another, first copy the Collaboration directory to the new server. In this example, the directory has been dropped onto the desktop of the currently logged in user. To migrate the data once copied, use the wikiadmin command, along with the migration option. The option requires the path to the Collaboration folder, defined with -r, as follows: Or administrators may just choose to move a single wiki to a new server in order to split the load across multiple hosts.

    When doing so, use the same command as earlier, along with the name of each wiki that is being moved, along with the -g option. For example, if moving the Legal wiki: To do so, first export wikis on the old server, using the wikiadmin command along with the export option, which requires an —exportPath option and needs to be done, on a wiki-by-wiki basis.

    Using the same location, the command would then be: Once again, check your router manual for instructions on setting up static DHCP assignments. You may need to change the DNS settings for the Mac that you will use as the server, and the DNS settings for your router, depending on how you plan to use the server. If, on the other hand, you just wish to use your OS X Lion Server for basic needs, such as a file server, Time Machine destination, iCal and Address Book server, or web server, then you probably don't need to change the DNS information.

    We're going to assume that you will be using OS X Lion Server in a small home network, or a small office, and that you only need to run basic services. Lion Server Advanced Administration. With the pre-configuration housekeeping out of the way, it's time to start the installation and configuration process. If you have administered a previous version of OS X Server, you may be taken back by the simplicity of the Server app.

    Like the older Server preference pane, the Server app is designed for basic administration, and should be able to serve the needs of most home and small business users who want a Lion Server that's easy to set up and maintain. If you need any of the advanced features, they are still available by downloading the Server Admin Tool We will cover Server Admin Tools For those of you who plan to use OS X Lion Server for a home or small office server, you can start out using the Server app, which we will cover in its own set of user guides.

    Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated October 19, Consult Apple's migration guide: Continue on to Using the Server App.

    Server add-on for OS X Lion users.

    Launch the Server app by clicking the Server icon in the Dock, or by starting up Launchpad and clicking the Server icon in Launchpad. Since this is the first time you have launched the Server app, the Welcome screen will display. Click the Continue button. The Server license terms will display.

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    Click the Agree button, The Server application you downloaded from the Mac App Store doesn't contain all of the components necessary to turn your Mac into Lion Server, so the installer will connect to the Apple web site and finish downloading the rest of the Server applications. Click Continue. Provide your administrator account username and password, and click Continue. The Server app will download all of the necessary server components, and then begin the configuration process for each component.

    Mac OSX Lion [10.7] Retail Release Full download Free

    This is done automatically, and it's why we needed to do a bit of housekeeping before we fired up the Server app. When the process is complete, click the Finish button.

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